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About Eduplan Solutions...

It all started with a meeting between Professor Langevin and Nathalie in the context of a graduate course on value analysis, a method for designing products, processes or services, applied to education: 

Nathalie: “ Wow! This is my star course! This research and development method  would be the solution to improve the way we design and how efficient are IEPs! I am really concerned by the interventions put in place for young people with special needs. Have you used this innovation method to improve practices ? "

Professor Langevin: “ No, but this is a great thesis project for you. Go for it! " 

The Eduplan Solutions project, based on a research that begun in 2006,  is evidence based, in order to be able to offer solutions that are efficient and reliable.  

From 2013, the team opened an information and resource center on plans (CIRP) , with the aim of 1) helping people or students with disabilities through the life cycle of an individualized education plan / program (IEP) or transition (TPs); and, 2) to support parents and professionals in the education, health and social services sector to travel through the process of developing and managing IEPs or TPs. 

In 2014, the CIRP team evolved while creating collaborations with different communities of people, and innovated a training and support program for the development of IEPs (labelled FADéPI) for schools, parents. and students with special needs. The program contains an outline of the IEP in paper version and one in digital version. 

In 2018, the digital version of the IEP gave birth to the entrepreneurial innovation projects of Eduplan Solutions.

Les différentes étapes liées à l'évolution d'Eduplan au fil du temps
Les membres d'une équipe de travail qui sourient

Our mission

Transform planning and management practices for plans, projects or intervention programs, health or treatment, and equip the actors concerned, in the education sector, health and social services. 

Equip the various organizations in their process of creating and innovating clinical or educational projects. 

Our vision

Contribute to the personal and professional development of people with disabilities, or with learning or adaptation difficulties.  

Improve the health pathway and follow-up of a patient in a complex situation.

Use our expertise and our skills with different organizations to improve the quality of the different services they offer. 

Three happy children

Our expertise

Universal accessibility and inclusion: ecosystem approach, ergonomics and disability  

To analyse : needs analysis and functional analysis for the design and evaluation of educational product, process or service 

Creativity : use and management of creativity techniques 

Evaluation : effectiveness and social impact evaluation 

Training: custom design and support  

Innovation : innovation approach and management 

Response: psycho cognitive, psychoeducational and psychopedagogical 

Planning : effective development, implementation and management process 

Research : applied, descriptive, experimental, explanatory, qualitative and theoretical research. 

Participez dans nos projets de recherche en faisant partie de notre communauté!


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