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Smart Planning

smartplan is a platform for creating, managing and tracking individualized education plans (IEPs) or transition plans powered by artificial intelligence.


Enter the learner profile and get suggested goals and means (strategies, interventions, ...) which are evidence-based and take your learner's profile into account. 

Implementation & Tracking

With smartplan it becomes more pleasant and easier to plan, implement and review IEPs and transition plans.  IEPs are now interactive tools where the progress of each learner is under your eyes and where interinstitutionnel collaboration is at your fingertips.

Finally, with  smartplan, IEPs and transition plans are now accessible, dynamic and interactive tools.

Collaboration and communication with the different people involved is carried out with ease and security.  


Parental involvement is simple: with smartplan you will save time!

Collaboration and communication
  • All your plans in one place
  • Efficiency, relevance and usefulness of plans increased
  • Easy collaboration and communication with the different people involved in the IEP or transition plan process
  • Progress reports
  • Printable accommodation list per learner
  • Improved management of your time
  • Recommendations system powered by artificial intelligence 
Start developing and managing your IEPs or transition plans 
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