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A diverse choice to determine needs 

edpro is a platform that makes available online assessments made up of questionnaires and inventories, on distinct themes, which help professionals determine the strengths and challenges of an individual, as well as decision-making.  


The different online assessments consists in collecting information on a targeted individual based on the perception of one or more respondents, with regard to the level of achievement of the targeted tasks in one or more areas.  

edpro helps professionals determine the needs of different learners. 

Organize data collection

Organize the list of your clients, learners or students and select the appropriate online assessment.

Send, if applicable, the questionnaire or inventory to one or more employees (learners, parents, teacher, remedial teachers, psycho-educator, specialized education technician, etc.)

Administer and generate a report
  1. Read and complete the inventory or questionnaire.

  2. Select, if applicable, the collaborators to be taken into account for the preparation of the report.  

  3. Generate a report by selecting the desired content (with a graph and a compilation table)

  4. Select the report format and download!

Follow the status of your files

Review the status of invited collaborators easily and efficiently add other inventories or questionnaires for a learner, client or student.

Collect your data

You are a professional or a researcher in the field of education,  health or social services and you want to publish your assessment tool? 

Do not hesitate to submit your project to us by filling out the contact form.  

You are a clinic, a center or a school, and you wish to obtain an inventory or questionnaire adapted to the needs of your environment, do not hesitate to send us your request by filling out the contact form.

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