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With our expertise, we help you to better manage, organize and plan your activities in order to develop and improve your performance. Our training courses focus on the structuring of your activities, projects, programs or plans.  


Our team offers various training workshops to facilitate optimal implementation of our solutions in your establishment.  


Consult our training modules or send a request for a tailor-made training. 


Technical training

  • CP module: Getting started with a technological solution

  • AB Module: Tips, Tricks and Performance Indicators 

02/Company or organization component

Technopedagogical training

  • AS Module: Learning & Team Synergy 

  • SET Module: SET Strategy for Effective Planning and Management 

03/ Education, health, social services component

Technopedagogical training

  • AP Module: Becoming a learning clinical or school setting 

  • AF module: Self-determination, self-regulation and executive functions 

  • OHS module: Determining academic objectives taking into account training programs 

  • OAF module: Determine functional autonomy objectives taking into account training programs or goals pursued  

  • TR Module: Tags for transition 

  • OS module: Planning in a socio-emotional context 

  • Module M: Determine, distinguish and prioritize means, strategies or tasks 

  • PC module: Intersectoral collaboration in the intervention or transition plan  

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