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Research & Innovation

"Research & innovation are at the heart of Eduplan Solutions' strategy" 

Eduplan Solutions is the result of an entrepreneurial innovation project based on more than 15 years of research data. Since inception, research and innovation have been at the heart of our strategy.  


Our multidisciplinary team works daily to improve, and innovate softwares. The objective is to better meet the needs of professionals in the field of education, health, and social services, as well as parents and learners with special needs.  


In order to ensure the effectiveness of our products, Eduplan Solutions has developed a research method that aims to develop processes that meet the needs of these different users, the needs of different environments, and taking into account the functions that they must fulfill, costs and benefits. 

Eduplan Solutions aims to transform the planning, and management practices of plans, and intervention programs in the education, health, and social services sectors in order to contribute to the harmonization of planning practices. The goal is to develop the adaptive and learning potential of each individual with a disability or learning difficulty, and thus to ensure the development of an inclusive society.  


In this inclusive logic, Eduplan Solutions wishes to respond to the diverse need of these communities in terms of planning through the use of artificial intelligence, data, and algorithms. Research and innovation at Eduplan Solutions is continuous and always progressing in the service of education, health, and social services. 

Blue Background

At Eduplan, scientific research is central to everything we do and offer.


Moreover, we firmly believe that innovation and excellence can only be achieved by relying on a solide base of knowledge, discoveries, and recognized methodology. 

Eduplan Solutions is committed to a cutting-edge research, led by a competent and talented team of researchers and experts in their respective fields. 

Concentrating our efforts in research and development, in collaboration with experts and researchers from various fields and from various parts of the world, allows us to stay up to date on the latest scientific and technological advances; to understand the changing needs of our customers; respond to emerging challenges; anticipate market trends; and stay at the forefront of our industry. 

From the start, we are committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions. Our products and services are now the result of rigorous research, expertise, and proven practices. 

We invite you to discover our products and services, We are confident that you will love the quality and benefits they offer, thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence and thoroughness.  

Thank you for trusting our expertise and find out how our solutions can meet your specific needs. 

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