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Our solutions

Eduplan Solutions is part of a pioneering innovation unit in the field of technological solutions serving the health and social services sector.


The company equips professionals and users with efficient  and effective tools that allow them to provide better services and/or care by:  


  • bringing about the digital transformation of the healthcare sector 

  • encouraging innovation to improve exchanges with users 

  • providing evidence-based solutions 

  • coordinating services and/or care 

  • securing collaboration, communication and the protection of confidential data 

  • respecting legal frameworks 


Special needs files, professional files, intervention plans, individualized education plans (IEPs) and transition plans, in either paper form or in a computer file are obsolete, slow everything down and are completely ineffective ...  

With our solution, you can better serve your students, their families, teaching professionals, non-teaching professionals and other specialists because our digital tools are accessible, interactive, user-friendly, and easy to use.  


A platform to determine the strengths and challenges of your students.

Take advantage of a platform that provides you with various assessment tools such as inventories or questionnaires; determine the portrait of one or more students with simple and dynamic tools.  

Optimized planning and management for your students with special needs. 

Manage all the components of your files, your intervention and transition plans. Our solution will meet all of your needs.  


Compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Rest assured, our solution will systematically integrate updates from legal frameworks, at both the provincial and federal level. 

Solutions for businesses or organizations

Our platform is a planning and management technology, powered by an AI recommendation system. It helps design and monitoring efficient plans, programs or projects. It is applicable in several cutting-edge areas: education, entrepreneurship, individual, health and social services. It supports teams in starting a project, by setting goals and having recommendations at your fingertips.  


Do you need to improve or implement a personalized AI powered project planning and management tool?

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Solutions for individuals

Use our services and tools to meet your needs:  

  • A tool for planning and managing your personal or professional projects 

  • A tool to self-direct your IEP or transition plan 

  • A tool for determining learning objectives 

  • A tool for assessing and determining needs

Key features

Developing an effective plan is faster and easier than ever! In a third less time, you are able to develop quality plans or projects, with our intelligent recommendation systems. 

Organized Files

The management of your plans or projects, your professional or personal files is no longer a headache! Your files are accessible, centralized and organized. 

Progress tracking

Easily track and evaluate the progress of your plans or projects. Use this function to obtain global or specific feedback with regard to the targeted goals and the means pursued. 

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Smart recommendation

Use intelligent recommendation systems to determine observable and measurable goals and objectives, as well as the means (technical or technological aids, interventions, tools, processes, strategies, etc.) to achieve them, for each of your plans or projects. 

Business Meeting

Research shows a positive link between collaboration and the effectiveness of services provided in education, in health and social services, even if the implementation remains difficult. With the structure of this function,  the collaboration whether it is  school, family, or community related, interprofessional and interinstitutional  collaboration is at your fingertips. 

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