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With expertise in planning and management of innovative projects, Eduplan Solutions can support you in your innovation process with simple and easy-to-use tools. 

Creativity techniques 

Experiment with six creativity techniques in order to arrive at innovative and varied solutions. 

Diffusion of innovation 

Functional analysis 

Identify potential users and determine their needs using four key techniques. Analyze and identify the needs of your future users.  

Determine the functions of your innovation with four functional analysis techniques. Characterize, prioritize and enhance the functions. 

Needs analysis 

Implementation of innovation 

Analyze and understand the dynamics of the management and diffusion of innovation. Strategies and techniques for disseminating innovation. 

Determine implementation strategies in chronological order and in order of priority. 

Explore different assessment processes and instruments to determine the effectiveness, productivity and impact of your innovation. 

Innovation assessment 

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