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Our products and services

Eduplan Solutions presents a suite of tools for education professionals, health and social care professionals, parents and learners.


Edpro is a platform that makes various data collection tools available by offering a range of assessment instruments consisting of questionnaires or inventories. The goal is to help determine the strengths and challenges of a targeted person and to help them decide on their file.



BanqO provides stakeholders, parents and students with a new digital environment to help prepare, manage and revise an IEP or school transition plan. Easy to use and user-friendly, BanqO supports stakeholders to better target realistic, observable and measurable goals that correspond to the various training programs in Quebec schools or to the various goals pursued.

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Version 2.0 of BanqO. Smartplan is a platform for professionals in the education, health and social services sector, for the development, management and review of intervention or transition plans. Smartplan uses a recommendation system powered by artificial intelligence to help professionals create their intervention or transition plans.

Smartplan is under development!

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