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BanqO is a technological tool that aims to support the various actors (students, parents, teachers, psychoeducators, etc.) involved in IEPs or transition plans. In addition to its exhaustive repertoire of goals, BanqO engages the various members of an IEP team to participate, communicate and collaborate.

The goal bank contains goals related to the different learning needs of students or learners aged 4 to 21. It targets various skills associated with the various training programs or the goals pursued. The planned means or strategies are accessible and can be prioritized and assigned to members.

The portrait of the student or learner is significant; in addition to the characteristics of the learner, we find the form of differentiation chosen, the adaptation measures or conditions and end-of-year recommendations. Finally, the progress of the student's or learner's learning is obvious, clear and easy to follow.


BanqO provides stakeholders, parents and students with a new digital environment to help prepare, manage and revise an IEP or a school transition plan. Easy to use and user-friendly, BanqO supports stakeholders to better target realistic, observable and measurable objectives that correspond to the various training programs in Quebec schools or to the various goals pursued.

Banqo has more than 25,000 goals:

- Categorized according to different skill areas;

- Compliant with the training programs of the Quebec school;

- Aligned to skills or sub-components of skills;

- Associated with the progression of learning;

- Linked to a chronological age or an age group;

- Attached to a cycle and a school year;

- Adapted to the different needs and various portraits of students or learners.

Finally, BanqO offers various selection criteria to help you find relevant objectives for each of your students in just a few clicks!


Other features of BanqO…

Goals are customizable and individualizable; you can automatically customize the goal in the name of the student concerned. You can insert an assessment criterion that corresponds to the student and specify a condition that must be in place for the student to achieve this goal.

Change goals on an ongoing basis; you can edit each of the goals or add content to the pre-determined goals. BanqO provides you with a way to review and follow up on each of the plans.

Add and assign the different means to achieve each of the targeted goals; you can prioritize the means and associate each of the means with the different responsible persons.

Integrate BanqO into your daily life; BanqO produces the plan in PDF version for each of your students so that you can insert it into the IEP outline, the transition plan outline or the learner's or student's particular or professional assistance file. 

Collaborate with your teammates; BanqO offers a way to record notes and send them, if necessary, by email. The platform lets you share a student's plan with collaborating members of that plan. BanqO gives collaborating members of a plan the opportunity to participate, discuss and comment

Thanks to our service partners, BanqO provides students with materials, capsules and tools and integrates platforms to facilitate the management of their intervention plan and the management of resources. The student will thus be able to develop their cross-curricular competencies, in particular their self-determination skills, their executive functions, their self-regulation and finally their autonomy. Finally the student will be able to find a greater number of the resources that he or she will need, centralized in the same virtual environment which is his or her particular plan or project. for his educational success.

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