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Eduplan Solutions is happy to be able to collaborate and work with different people from various organizations and institutions. These different people make up four communities, which we have brought together in an innovation ecosystem called "INCLULAB":  

  • A user community: this type of community is different people who use one or more products or services from Eduplan Solutions. 
  • A community of interest: this type of community is different professionals, parents and learners who share a common interest with Eduplan Solutions. 

  • A community of practice: this type of community involves different people who are engaged in the same practice or the same exercise.  

  • An epistemic community: this community is made up of different people focused on the production of new knowledge. 

Because we have the needs of people with disabilities, learning or adaptation difficulties at heart, Eduplan Solutions has created INCLULAB: an ecosystem of educational and clinical innovation. 

INCLULAB is a space that promotes interactions between the different players in education, health and social services industries and the world of research. 

INCLULAB's goal is to :

1) promote social innovation (pedagogical and clinical);

2) put users at the center of the design process for best results; and

3) promote social innovation with the aim of applying theoretical notions and practical knowledge to practical projects of social innovation. 

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