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S.E.T steps to follow to achieve your goals !

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


See and explore what you want, where you want to or what you want to get. Make sure you want it more than not having it. That goal that you are looking must be WANTED even at a high price! You have to sincerely believe in it, see that it is realistic but yet challenging enough.

Prioritize your goals. A goal could be critical, important, advantageous or wishful. Ask yourself if your goal is critical? Is your goal going to be a turning point, or, a very important juncture in your life? In other words, it will be indispensable in becoming who you want to be or in getting where you want to be. Compare and contrast if it is more likely to qualify as an important goal; meaning that your goal is not imperative but necessary and difficult to do without. Determine if your goal is more of an advantageous goal. In other words, you don't need it but reaching that goal will help you in some way, it will be an asset and beneficial in your pursuit. Last but not least, decide if it is a wishful goal. A wishful goal does not have much of a use, it's purpose is to satisfy a desire, a thirst, a crave, a want...

Target your goal! After prioritizing your goals, you are ready to target, probably the critical one. Target is another word for aim; it's all about what you want, need and have to accomplish first. However, your aim must be specific, measurable and observable! It is very common to hear people talk about SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time based) goals.

And they could certainly explain what SMART goals are. However, in practice these goals are low on SMART ! One of the reasons they are seldom SMART, is because we spend too much time focusing on what are SMART goals instead of focusing on how to make SMART goals. So how do we target and formulate a specific, measurable and observable goal? Use the Myara's (2016) principles (JUSTIFIED GOALS) and the rules (AOC)!


Envision your goal! form or draw a mental picture of your goal, of that action, of that endpoint and even of the outcome. See it in your mind's eye! Oettingen (2014) reminds us that you have to ask yourself « what does the outcome look and feel like? » Make yourself a vision, a picture so you can clearly visualise it.

Imagine yourself in action and the outcome or consequences of that action. Shape that picture and visualise. It will generate positive emotions and infuse motivation.

Sense it! Murphy (2010) emphasizes and highlights the importance of creating an attachment and feeling it vividly alive as if it was almost real! You must grasp the feeling and understand it.


Tag your inner incentives and hurdles! Follow closely and persistently your inner personal strengths and challenges. What is it about you that allows you to deal with problems in a determined and effective way? What is it about you that interferes, that stops you from doing something or that blocks your path? Make sure that conditions or circumstances do not define who you are or what you do. Your success is not in the hands of something or someone else! It's all in your hands; you are accountable and responsible of shaping where you are and who you are!

Plan the means to reach your goals! It is the time to set the right conditions, actions, strategies that have been thought of as a way to achieve those specific goals. You also have to make sure that your plan includes using your inner strengths and actions to overcome your inner personal obstacles!

Go, get it, achieve it, reach it! It's time to apply your plan and be fully committed to it! As Goldsmith (2007) said “what got you here won’t get you there"! You have to make sure you are following the right directions, actions, strategies and putting together the right conditions to get and reach your goals!

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