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Tech Team

Introducing the tech team

Development is a business full of countless possibilities and fun. Software engineers make it possible for users to get closer to other industries. Take for example EdpulanSolutions' products, which enable users to have convenient access to medical and educational resources.Software applications are a bridge for users to learn more, and at EduplanSolutions there are very excellent bridge builders - the tech team. They are passionate about using cutting-edge technology to constantly optimize and enrich the product for the benefit of users.

Products features & tech

Two new products will be launched soon, Edpro and Smartplan. Edpro enables parents and professionals to gain a sharper view on the roots of their students’ and children performance. This product provides access to numerous professional assessment techniques, allowing users to spot their interests. The technical team strives to raise the quality of Edpro by continuous collaboration with the experts of the field, either by improving the accuracy of the tools or by providing new features along its life cycle.

Smartplan is another product that benefits from cutting-edge AI techniques and technology to offer user-tailored services. This way, our clients can benefit from multiple features such as personalized recommendation systems that can greatly and effectively boost their experience in creating educational plans. All of this is done while greatly respecting out users’ privacy by anonymizing every aspect of the data that is used to train and build our AI systems.

Team experience

There are many colleagues here who are passionate about their profession, and we absolutely love the work atmosphere.

It gives us the opportunity to talk to them about innovative technologies while focusing on code development, and we often get unexpected results.

The communication and mutual learning between staff are not only limited to the development department, but we often talk to colleagues in other departments about project planning and design details. Having these discussions helps us not only improve my efficiency, but also expand our knowledge.

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