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Self-determination and  self-regulation

Proplan is a user-friendly software that supports learners in the development and management of their IEP, transition plan and any other personal or professional projects. Its aim is to put the learner back at the center of planning and engage his active participation; two elements which are decisive for academic, social and professional success. 

Organization and planning

With proplan it becomes easier to plan and manage personal or professional projects, as well as IEPs or transition plan. The learner enters the type of personal or professional project he wishes to develop, targets her or his goals and the necessary resources from an AI recommendation system. The learner can carry out one or more of his projects as a team or individually. .

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Collaboration and socialization

 Collaboration with peers, teachers, stakeholders or any other person is easy. and allows the assignment of tasks to different team members for each of the projects.

Thus, it is possible for the student to share information and, above all, his successes with his community or his social network..

  • All the information available at your fingertips

  • Support in the planning of its objectives, resources and strategies

  • AI powered recommendation system 

  • Promotes the development of self-confidence, self-determination and communication skills

  • Task and time manager  

  • Sharing and automatic synchronization between preferred tools or other integrated applications (our service partners)

Engage your students in self-directing their IEP, transition plan, or simply planning projects! 
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